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Patient Comfort Is in Our DNA

Minutes Matter.

The Brevera® breast biopsy system with CorLumina® imaging technology brings a new level of efficiency to breast biopsy procedures. Fast procedures mean less time under compression and can result in a more positive patient experience.

Give your Patients a more Compassionate Biopsy Experience
Because the patient experience is in Hologic’s DNA, we wanted to create an efficient biopsy system to help reduce the anxiety and stress of having a biopsy. That’s why we designed the Brevera® breast biopsy system with CorLumina® imaging technology.
More Comfortable
9 out of every 10 patients felt less uncomfortable with their Brevera breast biopsy procedure than they expected.
Less invasive
Hologic’s premier stereotactic biopsy solution offers patients a positive cosmetic outcome post-biopsy with maximized core retrieval and minimal incision size.
In over 92% of biopsy procedures performed with the Brevera system, patients felt the biopsy experience was faster than they expected.
Brevera reduces discomfort

Reducing Discomfort on Every Level

Integrated pain management, quiet operation, and fast access to information helps improve patients’ emotional and physical experiences during what can be a highly stressful point in the diagnostic process.

Workflow that’s both innovative and compassionate

Patient-Focused Workflow

We used the lens of what’s important to care teams and their patients to create a workflow that’s both innovative and compassionate.

How the System is Elevating the Standards for Biopsy


  • Integrated pain management
  • Remote firing and system operation allows for a quieter procedure

Capabilities & Advantages

  • Less time on the table for patients
  • Ability to access lesions in thin breasts keeps patients out of the OR
  • Ensure accurate transfer of samples from radiology to pathology

Workflow and Facility Improvements

  • Fast Procedures: Less time under compression for patients.
  • Improve Patient Experience: A more comfortable patient means less chance of movement during procedures, and can lead to a higher level of satisfaction.
  • Accurate Exchange of Information: Data captured on patient record for accurate transfer of information.
  • Quality Time: Interactive setup and system-aided troubleshooting means providers can focus more on the patient and less on the equipment.
 Brevera biopsy system and  Affirm® Prone, designed to accelerate speed and efficiency

The Brevera System is Designed to Work in Synergy with the Affirm® Prone Biopsy System

When paired together, the Brevera biopsy system and the Affirm® Prone system are designed to accelerate the speed and efficiency of your prone biopsy procedures to reduce your patients’ time under compression.

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