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A Breast Biopsy System Built For Efficiency

Minutes Matter.

The Brevera® breast biopsy system with CorLumina® imaging technology lets you perform more accurate 2D and 3D™³ breast biopsy procedures in a shorter time. The system frees up valuable physician time while enhancing the patient experience. 

5 Ways the Brevera System
Boosts Efficiency

Instant Tissue Verification

Instant tissue verification with CorLumina® imaging technology can reduce biopsy time

Intuitive Software

Intuitive software seamlessly integrates into the physician's workflow

Remote Operation

Remote operation and physician-controlled sampling improve speed and efficiency

Wireless Connectivity

Share images and transfer patient records with PACS integration and wireless connectivity

New Disposable Needle

New disposable needle produces 54% less waste2

What Could You Save with the Brevera Breast Biopsy System? 

Calculate your efficiency improvements with the Brevera Breast Biopsy System and learn how we make savings possible. 

A redesigned biopsy device allows access to challenging lesions and supports a wider spectrum of patients. 

Innovative Biopsy Performance

A redesigned biopsy device allows access to challenging lesions and supports a wider spectrum of patients. 

How the System is Elevating the Standards for Biopsy


  • Reusable device driver and disposable biopsy needle
  • A new, variable aperture design
  • Integrated pain management
  • Advanced, touch-free tissue handling during and post biopsy
  • Physician-inspired user interface
  • Remote system control
  • Interactive setup and system-aided troubleshooting
  • PACS integration 
  • Wireless connectivity 

Capabilities & Advantages

  • One needle for 20mm or 12mm aperture procedures. Simplifies ordering and inventory management
  • Little to no manual handling of tissue, reducing risk of human error, and maintaining sample integrity
  • Streamlined workflow to save procedure time and can result in a more positive patient experience

Workflow and Facility Improvements

  • Fast Procedures: More confidence in sample verification allows for fast biopsy procedures, which frees up resources.
  • Optimized Technologist Workflow: Little to no manual handling post biopsy helps maintain sample integrity from patient to pathology, improving technologists' workflow and freeing time for other procedures.
  • Less Steps: Advanced tissue handling automatically separates samples for pathology.
  • Improved Sample Identification: Separates and identifies samples with a 12-chamber tissue filter to provide guidance for pathology.
  • Patient Satisfaction: Fast procedures mean less time under compression for the patient, which can result in a more positive biopsy experience.
Affirm® Prone System

The Brevera System is Designed to Work in Synergy with the Affirm® Prone Biopsy System

When paired together, the Brevera biopsy system and the Affirm® Prone system are designed to accelerate the speed and the efficiency of your prone biopsy procedures to reduce your patient's time under compression.

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