A Breakthrough in Biopsy Efficiency 

Tissue acquisition and verification from one innovative product, in real-time.

The Brevera® breast biopsy system with CorLumina® imaging technology combines tissue acquisition, real-time imaging, verification and advanced tissue handling for an optimal patient and physician experience.

The Hologic Brevera breast biopsy system with CorLumina imaging technology will change the way you think about performing breast biopsies.
Improve the patient experience
Fast, accurate, and streamlined procedures mean less time under compression and can result in a more positive and compassionate biopsy experience for you and your patients.
Enhance workflow
An intuitive user interface, real-time imaging, and automated specimen collection and separation work together to save facilities an average of 12 minutes per procedure.
Increase accuracy
Real-time imaging delivers a wealth of information at the point of care – so you can make informed clinical decisions with confidence.

The Brevera System Is Designed To Save Time By Combining Multiple Steps Into One

Conventional stereotactic procedures require eight steps while the Brevera system allows clinicians to perform biopsies in just three steps. The system is designed to eliminate 5 steps by combining tissue acquisition, imaging, verification, and sample prep, with the potential to save 12 minutes average per patient.¹

Step by Step Comparison

Brevera System Integrated Breast Biopsy

Start biopsy
Take samples
Remove samples
Saving an average of 12 minutes per procedure*

Conventional Breast Biopsy System

Start biopsy
Take samples
Remove samples
Prep samples for imaging
Transport for imaging
Place marker
Prep samples for pathology
Remove samples
The Most Efficient Way to Perform a Breast Biopsy

Unmatched Efficiency To Improve Breast Biopsy Procedures

An intuitive user interface eases operation and advanced sample handling simplifies post biopsy prep, with a potential for further reducing overall procedure time.

Real-Time Imaging for Biopsy

Get Real-Time, High-Resolution Imaging at the Point of Care

The Brevera system’s 8-second acquisition and imaging cycle gives more actionable information at the point of care so physicians can make decisions with confidence - without the need to ever leave the procedure room.

Offer a More  Compassionate Experience

Offer A Compassionate Experience

Fast, accurate and streamlined procedures mean patients spend less time under compression. Integrated pain-management administration and quiet remote firing can result in a more positive biopsy experience for providers and patients.

See It In Action

Want an inside look at the Brevera® breast biopsy system with CorLumina® imaging technology? Explore how the system’s tools and capabilities can improve the quality of the biopsy experience.

Works with the Affirm system!

The Brevera System is Designed to Work in Synergy with the Affirm® Prone Biopsy System

When paired together, the Brevera biopsy system and the Affirm® Prone system are designed to accelerate the speed and efficiency of your prone biopsy procedures to reduce your patients’ time under compression.

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